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Music Staff Paper with One Line Per Staff

These pages of staff paper consist of staves with only one line per staff. They can be used for fixed pitch percussion instruments. They can also be used to write out rhythms for any instrument, without regard for pitch.



5 one-line staves per page
6 one-line staves per page
7 one-line staves per page
8 one-line staves per page
9 one-line staves per page
10 one-line staves per page
11 one-line staves per page

More staff paper:
Blank manuscript paper with top margins for titles
Blank manuscript paper without title margins
Grand staff music paper
Blank sheet music for trio
Blank sheet music for quartet
Piano staves with a staff for soloist
One-line percussion staves with top margins for titles

Looking for more information on rhythm? Visit for thorough explanations of the basic aspects of rhythm. The site links to the book The Fundamentals of Rhythm, which has over 450 practice patterns to help you improve your skills as a musician.


Music Notation

How to Write Music

Besides blank staff paper, this site includes instructions on how to draw music notes and symbols. You can learn how to draw notes, ledger lines, clefs, rests, note values, accidentals, time signatures, and other musical symbols.

Getting started with the basics:
Ledger lines
Treble clef
Bass clef

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